About Us

The Kathleen Barsotti Non-Profit for Sustainable Agriculture is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that seeks to support sustainable agriculture and the farm workers that work on those farms.



The goals of The Kathleen Barsotti Non-Profit for Sustainable Agriculture are:

  • Teaching English and providing educational assistance to Spanish speakers;
  • Providing educational assistance to the children of farm workers;
  • Awarding a scholarship to person pursuing an education that focuses on integrating sustainable agriculture into our society;
  • And educating the public about sustainable farms.


Board of Directors:

· Carol Barsotti
· Katie Wilmot
· Thaddeus Barsotti
· Danny Plechaty
· Jenna Clemens
· Zach Main

Kathleen Barsotti

Kathleen was a pioneer in the organic agriculture movement founding one of Northern California's first certified organic farms, playing an instrumental role in the creation of the renowned Davis Farmers Market, and starting the successful CSA Farm Fresh To You.

She is beloved by all who knew her as a devoted student to ecological sciences, an excellent farmer, and loving mother of four sons.